Import into Endnote using Evaluated Medline
(working with Power 5, Power 3 and Sprenger-group computers)

1. Click on the link Eval. Medline

2. You will be connected to the BioMedNet Medline search tool

3. Type in your search
    example: leptin:au and 'Drosophila gastrulation'
    the :au restricts the search for leptin to the author list
    the ' xxx  yyy' find the search term xxx yyy only if xxx is next to yyy in the text.

4. From the search results page check the box: direct import into Endnote
    and select to view selected or view all.

5. Endnote should launch and then asks you in which reference library to import.

6. Select a reference library

7. The program will put a file on the desktop called medline.x (x for any number)
    please move this file to the trash when you are done.