Proteolytic control of mitochondrial biogenesis and morphology

Mitochondrial proteases control key steps during mitochondrial biogenesis by proteolytic processing of regulatory proteins. A prevailing role can be assigned to energy-dependent AAA proteases and an intramembrane cleaving rhomboid protease in the inner membrane. Processes in focus of research are the regulation of mitochondrial ribosome assembly and protein synthesis, the control of the assembly of respiratory chain complexes, as well as proteolytic processes regulating mitochondrial morphology. Mitochondrial dynamics plays an important role in cellular function, cell differentiation, and cell death processes. Impaired mitochondrial fusion is causative for various neurodegenerative disorders. We are analysing the processing and degradation of various key players regulating mitochondrial dynamics both, in S. cerevisiae and in mice.


Dual role of the m-AAA protease in protein quality control and protein processing.

Fzo1 degradation in the outer mitochondrial membrane